Monday, 25 July 2011

10 things to do before I kick the bucket

Statutory warning: Might be boring.

1) Touch Shah Rukh Khan (as in poke him on the arm or something XD)

2) Get back to dance to perform in an open air theatre.

3) Watch a Manchester United match at Old Trafford.

4) Get married to someone who can love.

5) Watch a cloud floating past before I die.

6) Give a good piece of advice to someone who needs it before I die.

7) Buy my parents the house of their dreams.

8) Get a rocking chair for my dad.

9) Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

10) Learn how to whistle like my dad.

The Little Search

And when I stepped down from the bed,
I could feel my feet no more.
Like everything else,it felt dead
Just a little too sore.

And I staggered towards nothingness,
Looking for things you had left behind.
My hands groping in the dark
Seeking the treasure I needed to find.

For I had read somewhere
That there my heart will also be
But I have been searching in vain,
And now,in the dark,I can no longer see.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The one which has no name

I saw blood today
Blood of my father
Blood of my mother
Blood of my sister
Blood of my brother
Blood of someone who perhaps could have been my son,daughter or lover...

There was blood.
A lot of it.

Mangled limbs on the street,
Torn apart by hatred.
Bodies lying,
Made dead by the want of more.

I saw blood today.
A lot of it.
And I can no longer think straight.
Pardon me, for I, like you, like them,
Only wanted a little peace.