Idle mind. Hence a devil's workshop.

So there I was today, sitting by my window, watching the rain with my copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix open on my lap. And I realized that I love rain. I love the smell of wet earth. But only when I am safe inside my house. I love the feeling of getting soaked to the skin, but only when the streets aren't mucky.
And a thought struck me. How many other things do we tend to love simply based on a variety of ingenious conditions? How many people do we have in life whom we love simply because they do us favours? And how many people do we truly love unconditionally?
The favours might be big or small. A patient ear or maybe an ocassional monetary loan or maybe fierce loyalty?
And the ones we love unconditionally, the minority, what do they expect from us in return of their love?
That was when I decided to get back to the book.
Happy times.


  1. Minority as they might be, they surely would be the ones who would be willing to go to the ends of the world just to see one teary smile flash across your face when you most need it :)

  2. Nicely commented upon aproubmudblood. Am happy to be a part of that minority which you have mentioned ( at least I think am a part of that :) ).You mentioned getting back to the book. Books are truly one of your unconditional love :)

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