Dear Death (#3)

This is the third in the series of the "Dear Death" letters.
Heavily inspired by "The Book Thief", I tend to spiral into writing them after any incident which has left a deep, saddening impact.

#3: Written after the death of the victim of the Delhi gang-rape.

Dear Death,

My third letter to you. I guess this world has made me believe in you more than life itself. But I wonder if I can ask anything from you at all. After all, no one really gets what they ask for, do they? Not here. Not here where the basic right of being able to live as a woman, without the fear of having to pay a price for it, is violated everyday. Hence I request. I request that you let her, and countless nameless women like her, find in heaven what she was denied on earth. Peace.

A woman.

Dated: 29th December 2012


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